Yodi Botcho B12 Butt Enhancement Cream 10x




Every woman desires a curvaceous body, especially in areas of the butt and hip. Dr. Zoh’s Botcho Butt Enhancement Cream is the answer you’ve been asking for. Made from all natural African herbs and roots to boost and induce fat cell creation in the muscles of the buttocks. This magical butt cream has won the hearts of women all over the world.


Why is Botcho cream so good? This is because it is made with Proactive, and an all natural ingredients which complement each other in boosting up and inducing fat cell creation in your gluteus. When the cream is massaged and absorbed into the skin, there is localized fat storage in the desired area. For maximum and lasting results, consistent use of this product for at least three months of use is recommended.


Botcho cream is a potent combination of African herbs and roots that  has been identified with the enlargement of the buttocks and Hips. It  is been produced in Ivory Coast by the highly revered Dr Zoh.

 Botcho cream 10X targets effectively the development of the muscles and  the tissues of the buttocks. The additional cells that grow will be  permanent. Botcho cream has no side effects at all because it has no  chemicals in it.

Use twice a day.


250 ml


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