Yellow Bone Glutathione Whitening Body Cream (Shades Lighter) 400ml




A gentle, potent, soothing body cream that supports skin lightening/brightening and the reduction of dark pigmentation. Used for overall skin lightening including areas of pigmentation and darkened skin found on hands, elbows, knees & underarms + overall lightening of the body’s shade

Enriched with Sunflower oil, Marula oil and Vitamin E to help moisturise the skin and lightening ingredients such as glutathione, kojic and arbutin.

Perfect for those wanting to be shades lighter overall/yellow bone on the whole body.

Suggested Skin Care Routine :

Cleanse with a lightening body wash or soap.

Exfoliate with a lightening body scrub thrice a week in the shower. 

Massage the cream twice a day on the body after a shower. 

Best used with any of the lightening oils available on our site + glutathione supplements for maximum lightening benefits.

*Privately formulated for Shop The Glow SA


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