Wireless Mini Keyboard Touchpad for Android TV Box


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The Rii mini i8+ wireless touchpad keyboard is a slim and lightweight device that is designed to replace the traditional mouse. It features an ultra-slim keyboard with a touchpad that boasts notebook performance. The keyboard connects wirelessly to devices using a plug-and-play USB receiver, which requires no manual driver installation. The device is compatible with desktop computers, notebooks, smart TVs, Android TV boxes, and HTPCs.

The touchpad supports multi-touch and provides an alternative to the traditional mouse, which can help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The device features a lithium battery and supports smart power-saving technology. When the keyboard is not in use, it will enter sleep mode to conserve power. When the power is low, it can be recharged using the supplied charging cable.

The Rii mini i8+ uses a highly advanced 2.4G wireless technology that provides stable and reliable connectivity. The operational range of the device is up to 6 meters, providing ample room for use in various settings. The device’s dimensions are 146.8 x 97.5 x 19mm, and it weighs 110g, making it a compact and portable option.


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