Wild Country Eau de Toilette 75ml




When you need a scent that reflects your modern yet rugged side, reach for the woody and aromatic Wild Country Eau de Toilette.

Get to know me:
Distilled from the untamed spirit of life itself, this perfume has a wild blend of bergamot and lavender that settles on a lasting base of rugged sandalwood. It can be used as a perfume and aftershave. Try it, we promise you’ll love it!

Scent type: A woody and aromatic scent for the untamed man.

Key notes:
Top notes: Bergamot.
Middle notes: Lavender.
Bottom notes: Sandalwood.

Why you’ll love me:
• This scent lets you tap into your fearless side.
• One spritz and the essence of your masculinity will shine through.
• It’s the perfect perfume that lets you dare to live by your own set of rules.

How to use me:
• Spray the perfume on your neck, day or night, to unleash your natural masculine scent.
• Don’t spray on too much, 2-3 sprays of Wild Country is enough. If you want to heighten your scent, use some of the other goodies from this range.
• To allow the perfume to absorb into your skin, spray it on after showering while your skin is still warm.


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