Waterproof Sports Pocket Plus Jump Rope Plus Sports Quick Dry Towel


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Lightweight & Durable Running Belt, Reflective stripe is designed for night safety.

Using breathable fabrics, body heat can be dispersed evenly, strongly breathable, during exercise which is more comfortable.

Provides protection for your phones, cash, key and watch from Water, Sand, Dust, and Dirt.

Utility belt pouch suitable for fitness outdoor sports, running, hunting, hiking, cycling, Jogging, Travel, Treadmill, festival, camping and leisure life, Runner waist pack is comfortable, soft, elastic can provide stability for the most active runners.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reflective
  • Breathable fabric
  • Multi-functional

Jump rope to improve your fitness. The Tunturi Jump Rope with Counter and PVC cable is suitable for training endurance and coordination needed for various sports. The jump rope is 275 cm (108 inches) long and suitable for every athlete.

The cable can be adjusted to the desired length. The solid plastic handles to ensure a good grip during the workout. The jump rope has an analog counter. This counter tracks the number of jumps.

Most important features: • Adjustable • Coated PVC cable • Solid plastic grips • Analog counter •

275 cm (108 inches)

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Fresh up instantly when it’s sizzlingly hot with this Instant Cooling Towel. Perfect for those hot, on-the-go moments whether that’s at the gym, beach, work or stuffy rooms with no air-con, these super cool towels will turn your temp down in moments.

Simply wet the towel, give it a shake – magically it will become refreshingly icy cool, lasting for hours. Dab your skin or wrap around your neck for an instant cool down.


  • Instant Cooling Towel.
  • -Instantly cool and natural!
  • Up to 20º cooler.
  • Use it for hours and then just snap it and it’s cool again.
  • The fabric regulates evaporation.
  • Always soft, NO chemicals.


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