Wall Mount Silicone Makeup Brush Holder


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Stick and Dry Brush Drying Rack

Stick and Dry Brush Drying Rack technology sticks instantly and adheres strongly to glossy surfaces yet peels off easily so you can remove and reposition.

  • Clean and dry surface before applying
  • After cleaning brushes, place upside down to dry

How To Apply:

  1. Peel off protective film from the back of the organizer
  2. Place onto a smooth, clean, dry surface and press firmly to secure and remove air bubbles
    • Not intended for use on wood, stone, unglazed tiles, or over grout lines
  3. For best results: wait 24 hours before placing items in the holder
  4. Easy to remove; wont leave residue on recommended surfaces
  5. Reusable – can be reapplied after removal


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