Vitamin A&D Ointment-Sachet 100 Pieces


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This is a petroleum jelly-based serum that is applied to the skin exposed to the micro blading for effective healing. It is applied for approximately five days, three times daily.
The Vitamin A+D Ointment is known for its high quality and is widely used for European medical after care. The ointment is completely safe to use in medical treatments. The ointment has a luscious creamy consistency suitable for all micro pigmentation treatments including micro-blading or machine technique. The natural ingredients contained in the ointment soothe and disinfect the treated area whilst ensuring a fast-healing process without scabbing and itching. The ointment is suitable for sensitive skin, as it is not harsh on the skin and is odorless.

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1 x Vitamin A&D Ointment-Sachet 100 Pieces


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