Travel Multifunction Packing Organizer


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  • The Travel Large Underwear Pouch is a must-have for those looking for a convenient and organized way to store their undergarments while on-the-go. This unique and high-quality pouch unzips completely, providing easy access and optimal organization for your items.

    On one side, you will find four elastic pockets designed to store your underpants and socks securely, while the other side is perfect for storing your bras and other delicates. Additionally, a detachable zippered pouch with Velcro is included, providing a designated space to store already-worn underwear. The detachable pouch also comes with a separator, allowing for further organization of your items.

    Not only is this pouch perfect for storing undergarments, but it also doubles as a baby pouch, ideal for storing diapers, bottles, and wet tissues. The Travel Large Underwear Pouch is made with water-resistant materials, ensuring your items stay dry and protected.

    This pouch can store up to three to six bras, and features a top handle for easy transport. Upgrade your travel game with the Travel Large Underwear Pouch, and never worry about disorganized undergarments again!


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