Toothbrush Rack Wall-mounted Storage


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Toothbrush Rack Wall-mounted Storage

Brush up on your bathroom dcor with this modern and sleek toothbrush and cup storage rack. The design is wall-mounted, with a magnetic upside-down cup design to keep dry, dripping water outflow and keeps dust out.

The reinforced magnet keeps the cups securely attached, never falling, but still easy to pick up.

The large capacity allows for 3 cups and a wide storage rack, where you can store your face cream, shaving cream, cosmetics, decorations, etc. The toothbrushes fit into elegant storage, keeping them free from dust, and creating a sophisticated bathroom look.

This stunning piece fits into any bathroom design, improving the storage quality and look of your bathroom.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Suspension type: Suction cup
  • No punching installation, inverted drain design
  • Dual-purpose drawers, one for hanging and one for storage
  • The toothpaste squeezer not included
  • Adhere firmly, waterproof and moisture-proof will not fall
  • Only racks, no other items


  • Squeezed toothpaste 7×6.1×11.3 cm
  • For two people 27×14.2×13.5 cm
  • For three people 34.6×13.5×14.2 cm
  • For four people 42.3×13.5×14.2 cm



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