Tater Mitts Quick Peeling Potato Kitchen Gloves


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Tater Mitts Potato Peeler

Looking for an innovative kitchen tool to make your cooking experience more efficient? Look no further than the Tater Mitts Potato Peeler! With its molded peeling nubs and lightweight design, peeling potatoes, yams, cucumbers, ginger, taro, fish, and more has never been easier or safer.

Not only does it save your delicate hands from cold water, smells, and allergies, but it also keeps more vitamins intact than traditional peeling methods. And with the Tater Mitts, you can wash fruits and vegetables at the same time, saving you precious time in the kitchen.

Made from high-quality latex and PVC, these gloves are wear-resistant and anti-slip, making them a safe and convenient addition to your kitchen arsenal. The package includes one pair of gloves in a vibrant tangerine color and measuring 27cm in size.

Make your kitchen experience faster, easier, and safer with the Tater Mitts Potato Peeler!


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