Stackable Shoe Rack 12 Pairs


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Keep your shoe collection organized and easily accessible with the Stackable Shoe Rack 12 Pairs. This stylish design is perfect for any hallway or room and can hold between 12-16 pairs of shoes.

Crafted from a combination of plastic and metal, this shoe rack features four shelves and a sturdy metal frame with resin siding. The bars are height and depth adjustable, allowing you to customize the rack to your specific shoe collection.

Assembly is a breeze, with sides and feet that snap on for added stability. The sleek and modern design of this shoe rack makes it a great addition to any home decor style.

Say goodbye to cluttered closets and scattered shoes with the Stackable Shoe Rack 12 Pairs. Keep your footwear organized and easily accessible with this versatile and practical storage solution.


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