Snail Stretch Marks Repairing Kit


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Function: Stretch marks cream base to reduce skin scars and marks from weight loss, childbirth, or surgery. Get rid of stretch marks and scars quickly and safely leaving renewed, healthy skin. It helps remove damaged skin cells and produce collagen-rich new cells resulting in much healthier skin where stretch marks once were. Snail Extract helps to eliminate dead cells that are on the surface of your shin, along with wrinkles and expression lines, making the regeneration of your skin possible: scars and stretch marks disappear; wounds heal quickly, leaving no marks.

Direction: For best results, use daily concentrating on stomach, thighs, breasts, and waist, Massage gently in circular movements until well absorbed.

Superior adhesive properties from snail mucus extract soothe irritated skin. It can be used as a skin serum during your basic skincare regime to increase moisture retention. The glycolic acid in snail mucin is said to help your cells produce collagen and elastin, which even out skin tone and smooth its surface. Snail mucin has amazing hydration benefits as well. From head to toe, this multi-care product is so natural, it is safe for sensitive skin types and children too.

Composition: Collagen; The building protein for the walls of the skin, without a sufficient amount of collagen, the skin becomes loose and flabby. Polypeptides; Penetrate through the lipid barrier of the skin, and reverse the aging process.

In addition, polypeptides promote the skin regeneration process. Herbal extracts of lemon and Aloe Vera; have a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Among other things, they visibly lighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, and make freckles less noticeable.


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