Shalom Stretch Mark Oil




Not for sensitive skin 

Recommended to pro-mix with another oil/butter when using 

Patch test recommended if applying directly on skin

Strong scent

Shalom stretch mark oil is made with natural products and for the total wipeout of stretch marks. 

Excellent for pregnancy stretch marks, cream stretch marks and weight loose or gain stretch marks.

The oil have no side effects, visible difference is guaranteed within 7 days of continuous usage and total clearance within two weeks of constant usage. 

It easily penetrates the skin and replenishes elastin protein of the skin. 

It is non greasy and using Shalom stretch marks oil will help your skin moisturized and also prevent the appearance of more stretch marks. 

This eventually makes the skin elastic and clears off the stretch marks. 

It can also be used during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.

Use morning and evening




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