Senses Flamingo Sunset Bubble Bath 1000ml




Relax after a long day with the pink pineapple and frangipani scent of Senses Flamingo Sunset Bubble Bath.

Get to know me:
Enriched with pineapple extract as well as other naturally derived ingredients like sugars, lipids, minerals, proteins and vitamins, this mild and gentle bubble bath is everything you need to gently cleanse your skin, relax your aching muscles and indulge your senses. And guess what? It won’t leave a ring around your bathtub and is super-sized so you won’t need to top up any time soon!

Why you’ll love me:
• Dermatologist tested and enriched with natural extracts to gently care for your skin.
• Has a delightful pineapple and frangipani scent.
• Has recyclable packaging because we all care for the environment.

How to use me:
• Add one or two capfuls of bubble bath into warm, running water to create rich, luxurious, billowy bubbles.
• Soak in the warm water and let the bubble bath refresh your whole body and relax your muscles.
• No time to soak in the tub? Try Senses Flamingo Sunset Shower Cream instead.


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