Senses Cashmere Touch Body Mist 100ml




Treat your senses and favourite spaces to the magnolia and vanilla scented goodness of Senses Cashmere Touch Body Mist.

Get to know me:
This fragranced body mist is laced with a beautiful blend of magnolia and vanilla that leaves your skin with cashmere-soft scent. It’s also filled with natural extracts for instant freshness and a spritz of hydration when you need it most.

The best part… You can use it as a linen and room spray too. We know, we love a good multitasker too!

Why you’ll love me:
• You may use this mist as a body, room and linen spray.
• It has a dreamy scent of magnolia and vanilla and helps to instantly cool and refresh your skin.
• It has a non-staining formula so you can spritz it onto your linen without any worries.

How to use me:
• Spritz your skin – To use it as a body spray, just spritz it onto clean, dry skin. To really treat yourself, use this mist after taking a long soak with Senses Cashmere Touch Bubble Bath.
• Scent your home – When scenting the room, hold the bottle upright and spray 2-3 times towards the center of the room, avoiding wooden furniture.
• Freshen your linen – When scenting your linen, spray at least 20-30cm away.


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