Royal Energizing Posture Support Brace


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Improve your posture and relieve pain with Royal Posture! If you experience discomfort and pain from poor posture or sitting all day, then Royal Posture is the perfect solution for you. This amazing posture support system aligns your spine perfectly, helping you relieve pain and improve your posture.


  • The pull shoulder straps are designed to be placed over your shoulders, with fabric pouches containing magnets that should be closest to your body.
  • The stretch waist belt should be wrapped around your torso and fastened securely.
  • You can adjust the position and snugness of the device as needed. The shoulder straps should pull back slightly on the shoulder area, and if needed, you can pull the waist belt down.
  • The Royal Posture is hand-washable with gentle detergent. For best results, air dry the device after washing.

Start feeling better and improve your posture today with Royal Posture!


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