Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring


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The Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring is a knitted bandage that provides protection and support to the big toe, particularly for the adductor muscle. The bandage is designed with a rigid rib and Velcro that firmly fixes the forefoot, promoting the proper alignment of the transverse arch and metatarsophalangeal joints from the first to the fifth toe. The rigid rib also acts as a splint that stabilizes the knuckle of the thumb, making it effective for various conditions, such as deformities of the metatarsophalangeal joint, recovery after injury or surgery, changes, or pain in the forefoot, and bursitis.

The Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring offers the following benefits:

  1. It eliminates further changes in the Hallux valgus joint, restoring the anatomical position of the finger, reducing the level of pain, and allowing the joint to rest, thereby facilitating blood and lymph flow.

  2. The bandage splint gradually adjusts to the individual wearer through soft Velcro, and the soft coating ensures that the hard rod is invisible, while performing its diverting and stabilizing function effectively.

  3. It can be used with loose shoes, and its rigidity is adjustable according to the wearer’s needs, ranging from tension force to the removal of the aluminum fin.

Overall, the Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring provides excellent support and protection for the big toe, promoting proper alignment and reducing pain and discomfort associated with various conditions.


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