Rare Onyx Body Lotion 150ml




A moisturising, fragranced lotion infused with Rare Onyx scent.

Get to know me:
Shine with the brilliance of a gemstone with the floral and amber scents in the Rare Onyx Body Lotion. Wrap yourself in the captivating brilliance of velvet apricot, dark lotus and amber.

Key notes:
• Top note: velvet apricot.
• Middle note: dark lotus.
• Base note: amber.

Why you’ll love me:
• Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and conditioned.
• A white lotion that is non-greasy, with a creamy texture.
• 24-Hour Moisture*

*Based on a clinical moisturisation study.

How to use me:
• Massage this lotion all over your body after washing up and drying off to instantly hydrate your skin.
• Use it after shaving, washing your hands, exfoliating your skin and sanitising to protect your skin’s moisture barrier.
• Pair with the matching perfume and enjoy a longer-lasting scent experience.


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