Rare Gold Eau de Parfum & Body Lotion




Add the finishing touch to your glamorous ensemble by putting on the floral and aldehydic scent of Rare Gold Eau de Parfum.

Get to know me:
This exquisite perfume is draped in opulent golden melon, fresh orange flower and indulgent vanilla to add a touch of luxury, sophistication and allure to your ensemble.

Scent type: A floral and aldehydic mix for all-day indulgence.

Key notes:
Top Notes: Golden Melon.
Middle Notes: Orange Flower.
Bottom Notes: Vanilla.

Why you’ll love me:
• This is the perfect scent to crown your most glistening look.
• It makes you feel glamorous from the very first spritz.
• It stays with you all day long.

How to use me:
• After showering and getting dressed, spray the perfume on your neck and wrists.
• Don’t rub the perfume in, spray it and leave it alone.
• Pair the perfume with the matching Rare Gold Body Lotion to care for your skin and heighten the scent.


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