Quick Beard Trimmer Plus Beard Shaving Apron


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Solo Beard Trimmer For Men(Worth R318)

The precision-engineered all-in-one razor with a replaceable dual-sided German Stainless Steel Blade and built-in LED light. Convenient and easy to travel with – does not require water or shaving cream, so there’s no mess.

The built-in lithium-ion battery lasts 45 minutes and conveniently recharges with an included USB cable. Solo all-in-one razor cuts through the thickest beards and leaves no nicks, no bumps, no razor burn, no irritation, and no ingrown hairs.

100% Brand new and high quality! Made of High-quality material, very soft, waterproof, easy to clean and dry. Practical design, shave easily, keep your bathroom neat and clean. Handy design, make your shaving easy, keep your bathroom tidy and clean Easy to set up on a mirror. No more stray hairs down the sink, on the soap, in your toothbrush A comfy bib to catch all of your fallen facial hair clippings Prevents relationship-ending disputes about hygiene and tidiness


Material: Acrylic / Artificial Wool

Color: White/Black

Size: approx. 120*80cm (L*W)


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