Pure Rose Facial Glow Mist




Contains witch hazel.

100 ml

A refreshing face spritzer that will keep your skin feeling dewy and awake. This pure rose toner mist preps your skin for a serum or moisturizer. Also great for hydration and gives the skin a glass like feel and finish .


Balances ph of the skin.

Removes oil and dirt without leaving skin dry.

Super refreshing.

Gentle toner.

Constricts large pores.

Improve effectiveness of skincare to follow in regime.

Gives skin a beautiful glow.

How to use:

Keep refrigerated.

After cleansing spray directly on the face.

May also be applied with cotton pads or balls and then pressed on to clean skin.

It can also be used to remove excess makeup after the makeup remover.

May be used throughout the day to keep skin fresh.

Leave to dry.

Apply morning and evening.

Ingredients: distilled aqua,witch hazel, pure rose essential oil, Rosoideae extract.


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