Pro Wax 100 Wax Heater


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Experience professional-level waxing at the comfort of your home with the PRO WAX 100 Wax Heater. Whether you’re a professional esthetician or a DIY beauty lover, this melting pot is perfect for all your waxing needs. It’s light, durable, and made of high-quality materials that can withstand high temperatures.

The see-through lid ensures that the wax remains uncontaminated and prevents accidental contacts, making it a safe option. The temperature autopilot with an indicator light helps maintain your desired temperature, between 60-110 Celsius (140-230 F), while the removable metal bucket makes it easy to prepare and clean.

This wax melter is compatible with standard 396-gram wax cans, wax bricks, loose melts, and beads, making it a versatile option. It’s perfect for facial, Brazilian, arms, legs, underarms, and eyebrow hair removal.

It’s also a stylish addition to any home beauty set, and its convenient and portable design makes it perfect for use anywhere, from salons to vacations. Don’t settle for less – choose the PRO WAX 100 Wax Heater for a smooth and efficient waxing experience.


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