Portable Folding Camping Shovel Plus Garden Genie Gloves


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This mini folding shovel is an ultra-lightweight, smart multi-function, super compact tool for your gardening and outdoor activities.

It is made to be compact in size when folded so it can easily be packed on a camping or beach trip or carried out to the garden. An anti-slip plastic grip handle, ergonomic design.

The shovel can be used either straight or at a 90-degree angle. It comes in a convenient carrying pouch with a loop so the shovel may attach to a belt or backpack. Made of strong tempered forged steel, the shovel measures about 41.8cm long when unfolded, including a serrated one side of the blade so it can be used to saw off lightweight branches.

The folding shovel can be used to dig tires out of dirt if a car becomes stuck. A folding camping shovel can also be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent as well as dig holes for tent stakes. Folding shovels can also be used to create a fire pit.

Garden Genie Gloves makes gardening fun and easy with the built in claws for digging, planting and raking, these garden gloves are a one step solution to your gardening tasks. The gloves are puncture resistant and the claws are made with durable ABS plastic to protect your fingers and hands. Garden Gloves rinse clean keeping your hands dry and clean.

Product Specifications:

  • Puncture-resistant unisex gardening gloves
  • Feature built-in claws for digging, planting, or raking
  • Made of durable materials for a long-lasting use
  • Fully waterproof design keeps your hands dry and clean
  • Flexible fabric fits most of hands
  • Clean with water
  • Materials: rubber latex, ABS plastic
  • One size fits most


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