Planet Spa The Sleep Ritual Relaxing Bath Drops 170 grams




Relax and unwind before bed with the French lavender and chamomile scent of Planet Spa The Sleep Ritual Relaxing Bath Drops.

Get to know me:
Scented with relaxing notes of French lavender and chamomile, these decadent bath drops, combined with a tub full of soothing warm water, will help relax your aching muscles and fill your senses with a calming aroma that prepares you for a deep, blissful sleep.

Why you’ll love me:
• These bath drops are scented with French lavender and chamomile.
• It’s exactly what you need to pamper yourself and help you sleep better.
• It has a decadent feel and relaxing aroma… what’s not to love.

How to use me:
• Soak in it – Sprinkle the bath drops into warm running water and let it dissolve before stepping in.
• Treat yourself to a massage – After your long soak, massage Planet Spa The Sleep Ritual Warming Body Balm all over your body to relax you even more.
• Share your new favourite sleep ritual – Gift these drops to friends and family if they struggle with restless nights too.


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