Pink Orchid & Geranium Glutathione Clay Mask




Pink Glutathione face mask

Our pink glutathione lightening face and neck mask is finally here!!

Quick fix for tired, dehydrated, dull and drab skin.

This glinting pink mask will “lift and tighten” your skin spirits. Ideal to eliminate skins of fatigue, unevenness and aging.

Used cosmetically, this mask is reputed to effectively eliminate dead cells, tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin, and diminish signs of aging.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic agent. (Good for breakouts)

It is reputed to enhance circulation increasing blood flow and improving skin nutrition.

Removes signs of tiredness, fatigue on the face and helps relieve tense and stressed skin.

Astringent benefits aiding in tightening large pores.

Gently removes toxins from the skin giving it a brilliant lustre.

Gradually lightens scars, blemishes and sunburn and has rejuvenating properties.

Deep skin hydration , increases cell turnover, illuminates complexion.

Promotes Lightening, skin clarity and a dazzling radiance after just 15 minutes.

Remove old and deteriorating skin cells that cause dullness.

This mask contains ingredients that’s are packed with anti oxidants, vitamins and delicate clay material leaving your skin cleansed revealing a silky, clear, fresh and brighter with a shining glow.

Ingredients: Glutathione,delicate clay material,Aqua, pink orchid, geranium.

100% natural

50 ml


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