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Excellent for easily and quickly shelling peas. Put the pea pod between the shelling cylinders and turn the handle several times; the shelled peas accumulate in the reservoir of the sheller. Designed to only need a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and it?s clean for the next use. You can easily and quickly attach the sheller to the working surface using the highly effective vacuum suction knob. This ingenious, compact tool is a must in the kitchen. As long as the vegetable is in need of stripping its contents out, you can have it done in minutes.

  • Fast and Efficient: This bean stripper is one of the most effective strippers on the market! You can now simply peel off the shells in seconds to quickly enjoy the food you like.
  • Safe and Easy to Operate: You only need to push the handle while rolling the handle to quickly finish the peeling.
  • Wide Applications: This ingenious, compact tool is a must-have tool for the kitchen! Common applications include peeling beans, soy, peas, etc.
  • High Quality: Long service life and durability.


  • Color: White.
  • Material:?Plastic.
  • Size:?15.24 x?12.7 x?15.24cm

Package Includes:?

  • 1 X Pea sheller,
  • 1 X User manual.

Notes: Make sure that when you use the Pea sheller tool Peas should be wet so that they could easily peel off the shell of peas.


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