On Duty Men’s Active Roll-On 50ml




Enjoy 48 hours of sweat, odour and environmental protection with On Duty Men’s Active Anti-Perspirant Roll-On.

Get to know me:
This dermatologically tested roll-on deodorant is formulated with Dry Pore Technology that dissolves active particles below the skin to form a protective barrier against sweat and odour for up to 48 hours*. Its formula is also enriched with moisturisers, is pH-controlled and alcohol-free** to help moisturise and care for your sensitive skin… underarm irritation is the pits! It also protects your skin against environmental aggressors** and leaves your underarms with a fresh, stimulating scent. Score!

Why you’ll love me:
• Gives you 48 hours of odour protection and reduces sweat caused by stress*.
• It’s dermatologically tested, pH-controlled and alcohol-free so it’s gentle on your skin.
• Glides on smoothly without flaking or leaving a sticky residue.

*Based on a clinical efficacy claim
**Based on a product development claim

How to use me:
• Apply 2-3 applications of the roll-on on your underarms after showering. Let it dry completely before getting dressed.
• Pack it in your work bag to freshen up before a meeting and in your gym bag to use after your workout.
• Spritz on your favourite Avon perfume and you’re good to go.


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