Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls


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Named after Sir Isaac Newton, Newton’s cradle is a device that demonstrates key physics principles: energy conservation, momentum, and friction all in different patterns of the swings of the metallic balls. Experience the actual science that governs our world in the cradle. Perfect for decorations, gifts, and calming for kids with ADHD.

  • GRAVITY AT WORK | See before your eyes as the Newton Balls transfer fall and transfer weight across the gadget. Drop one ball or two balls. You can see the energy transfer in such an astounding way!
  • OFFICE DESK DECOR | Show some character and express your love for science and physics with this decorating your office space. Can be meditative and fun to watch also!
  • EDUCATIONAL & CLASSY | Experience the visual display of momentum. Use this in class and share with your friends and family the exciting world of physics and science!


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