Musk+ Freeze Eau de Toilette 75ml




Re-energise your skin and senses with the icy, cool woody-aromatic olfactory composition of Musk Freeze Eau de Toilette.

Get to know me:
If cool, fresh scents are your kinda vibe, then watch how the woody-aromatic notes of Musk Freeze Eau de Toilette brings all the icy energy you love. Filled with refreshing herbs, frozen mandarin zest and juniper berries at the top; aquozone, Alpine Accord with Hivernal (a unique molecule that hits you with a long-lasting cooling sensation) and crushed mint leaves at the heart; and pine bark, Alaskan cedarwood and oakmoss at the base, this perfume will cool you right down, just the way you like it.

Scent type: Woody-aromatic notes for an icy, cool feel.

Key notes:
Top Notes: Juniper Berries, Chilled Basil, Frozen Mandarin Zest.
Middle Notes: Aquozone, Alpine Accord (Blend of Juniper, Mountain Sage and Watery Hivemal), Crushed Mint Leaves.
Bottom Notes: Pine Bark, Alaskan Cedarwood, Oakmoss.

Why you’ll love me:
• This perfume is perfect for everyday use.
• The woody-aromatic blend makes you feel cool, calm and collected.
• It’s perfect for warm days when you need something to cool you down.

How to use me:
• After stepping out of a hot shower, cool yourself down by spraying this perfume on your neck and wrists.
• Spray it and leave it to chill. Rubbing it in will break down the olfactory notes prematurely and you don’t want that.
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