Multifunctional Dryer Air – Portable Dryer Machine


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Multifunctional Dryer Air – Portable Dryer

  • Constant temperature heating, intelligent two-speed drying mode, drying clothes efficiently, removing mites without hurting clothes, so you are not afraid of cold and wet.
  • Multi-purpose machine: not only can dry various daily necessities, such as towels, underwear, socks, swimsuits, baby clothes, quilts, shoes, etc., but also dry wet hair.
  • One button to turn on the purple light mode, double care for clothes, and also warm and clean clothes.
  • Physical noise reduction structure, low noise operation, allowing clothes to dry in the middle of the night without disturbing the sleep of others.
  • The body is only slightly larger than a mobile phone, small and portable, foldable, convenient for you to use when traveling at home, and enjoy a warm and sterile life anytime, anywhere.


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