Multifunctional Abdominal Wheel


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Indoor fitness has gained popularity as people strive for a healthier lifestyle. Our Abdomen Wheel provides a full-body workout, targeting various muscle groups including the abdomen, hands, feet, buttocks, and waist, among others. Thanks to the included tension belts, you can disassemble and reinstall the Abdomen Wheel for different exercise scenarios.


  1. Place the suction cup onto the ground.

  2. Hold the suction cup and press the handle down firmly.


  1. Hold both suckers and align them.

  2. Press the suckers inward.

  3. Press down on both handles.

Now the abdominal wheel installation is complete.

VERSATILE FITNESS MODES: With our Abdomen Wheel, you can choose from more than six fitness modes, including rope pulling, push-ups, hip movements, abdominal exercises, yoga, and abdominal stretches. Use this device to improve your strength and flexibility in various areas of your body.

STRONG SUCTION FORCE: The Abdomen Wheel comes with a bottom tray that has a powerful suction force, suitable for most surfaces (excluding blankets). Simply pull down the handle to create a robust suction force that prevents slipping during exercise.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE/DISASSEMBLE: Our Abdomen Wheel is effortless to assemble and disassemble. Hold both suckers with both hands, align them, and press down on the handles to install the device.


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