Lemon Body Fat Scale Smart Digital Weight Scale


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Lemon Body Fat Scale

Introducing our intelligent electronic weight scale, designed for ease and convenience with its gravity induction and automatic turn-on and turn-off features.

This advanced scale uses four balanced sensors, ensuring high precision and stable performance. With its anti-impact, pressure-resistant, and anti-explosion properties, it’s also safe to use.

Crafted from sturdy ABS and high-strength tempered glass, this digital weight scale is built to last. Its dimensions of 28cm x 28cm x 2.5cm and large weighing range of 0.2-180kg make it suitable for a wide range of users.

Choose from our two styles: Battery Type or USB Charging Type (optional), and take advantage of its additional features such as the temperature display and automatic switch.

No matter your needs, our digital weight scale is a reliable choice for anyone looking for accuracy, durability, and convenience. Please note that 2 x AAA batteries are required for battery-powered models and are not included.


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