Impulse Plastic Heat Sealer 300mm


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The 300mm Impulse Heat Sealer is an exceptional sealing machine that features a robust, all-metal construction. With a sealing length of 12 inches/300mm and a width of 8mm, it can seal a wide range of plastic bags with varying thicknesses. The sealer comes with eight timer settings, providing the flexibility to cater to different sealing requirements. The heat time is automatically controlled by the circuit, and an indicator light indicates when the sealing process is complete. Moreover, the machine consumes no power when not in use, making it energy-efficient.

With its labor-saving design and long handle, the machine is easy to operate, making it ideal for sealing plastic bags, polythene wrapping, bubble wrap, and similar materials. The sealer’s durable ABS material and impulse power of 400W make it sturdy and long-lasting. It operates on a power supply of 220V240V 5060Hz and weighs only 1413g, making it portable and easy to handle.

The sealer also comes with an extra sealing element, a Teflon sheet, and a comprehensive user manual (in English), providing step-by-step instructions for the setup and operation process.

Overall, the 300mm Impulse Heat Sealer is a reliable and efficient sealing machine that is perfect for both personal and commercial use. Its durability, efficiency, and versatility make it a wise investment for anyone looking for a high-quality heat sealing machine.


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