Hip Butt Enlargement Cream Plus Women’s Body Shaping Pants


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Ginger Hip and Butt Enhancer Cream (Worth R119)

Hip up Cream Natural Herbal Extract Bigger Buttock Firm Skin Hip Lift Enhance The hip lift up massage cream is for all women who dream of having beautiful hip. It helps firm and enhance your buttocks with exclusive complex of active and nutural ingredients. Its lift action can instantly tighten the tissue of the hip and helps effectively fight gravity,provide elasticity and support, firm and smooth the skin.

Product Name:Hip Lift up Hip Massage Cream

Net weight:150ml

Shelf Life: 3years


firming hip skin,whitening moisturizing skin,fade out hip lines,smooth skin,improve the hip relaxation,sagging,flat and other issues,and have a beautiful curls upwards the buttocks.


hamamelis extract(hamamelis virginiana)extract,pueraria extract(pueraria lobata),angle ao alkane,gold sweet scented osmanthus,marine collagen(marine collagen),sweet almond oil.

For skin:

normal skin are applicable.

For the crowd:

1, flat hip crowd; 2, shriveled hip crowd; 3, abundant buttocks surgery failed crowd; 4, the pursuit of perfection hip crowd


Apply once or twice a day to target areas using circular massage movements until fully absorbed.


For external use only, keep the product in a cool place and away from children.

This underwear is designed to pursue the charm of the female curve. Whether you are wearing it on a special occasion or every day, butt hip underwear can bring you the curve you want! Butt lift briefs are sexy, comfortable, and invisible. You can wear any type of clothing in any season.

  • Suitable For Any Occasion

put on a body shaper for special occasions such as daily life, birthdays, parties, weddings, etc. It helps to shape your hips and make your body smooth for a more natural, smooth, and slim appearance, and maximize Reduce those unsightly bumps and bumps to make you feel refreshed, raise your hips, and have full confidence in your dress.

  • Feature

This control underwear is very suitable for shapers. The shape underwear can wear any type of clothes, so you can enjoy sexy buttocks and beautiful curves at any time. Help you comfortably control the lower abdomen and tighten the bottom. Shape your hip, Presenting a natural look. Provides a rounded feel to the butt area.

  • Unique Design

The amazing changes increase the butt area. This sexy underwear will seamlessly set off the underpants and lift your butts to a new height! Invisible even under your clothes.


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