HD 1080P Mini Camera


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The CARPRIE HD 1080P Mini Camera is a compact camera that is perfect for home use. It supports full-HD 1080P resolution with a CMOS sensor, allowing for clear and high-quality footage. Weighing between 201g-300g, it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The camera features a nightshot function, which allows for clear footage even in low-light conditions. It also has an optical zoom of 3x, which is great for getting up close to your subjects. The display size is less than 2 inches, making it easy to view and operate.

The CARPRIE HD 1080P Mini Camera stores media on an SD card or HDD/Flash Memory and supports audio file formats as shown. Movies are saved in AVI format. Additionally, the camera comes with a metal data cable, data cable, and user manual.

Overall, the CARPRIE HD 1080P Mini Camera is a great option for those looking for a compact and high-quality camera for home use. With its nightshot function and optical zoom, it’s perfect for capturing all your special moments.


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