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NeoVita Luscious Hair

These hair vitamin gummies are designed specifically to improve hair health, density, hair thickness, hair strength and hair fullness. Our special formula also nourishes the skin and strengthens dry, brittle nails. Our premium combination of vitamins and minerals improve beauty, health and wellness. The added benefit of it being a yummy berry flavoured gummy makes it all the more awesome. They are an easy to use, chewable remedy for thinning hair, receding hairline, hair breakage, hair loss, acne, and brittle nails.

Our formula is no secret, it contains Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 & 12 and much more which supply your hair, skin and nails with the nutrients it craves. Now let’s get to the scientific stuff, Biotin is a powerful B vitamin that assists in fatty acid production, which is the boost for hair, skin and nail regeneration. Vitamin C isn’t just for a cold, its an essential antioxidant for healthy hair, skin and nails. It aids in iron absorption and is responsible for the production and maintenance of collagen. Vitamin E promotes faster hair and nail growth by increasing blood circulation.

There are no preservatives or animal products used in production and we are proud to be animal cruelty free. Our Hair vitamins are vegetarian and halaal certified. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered and we are GMP certified.

So isn’t it time you Glow Up!


60 Gummies 

1 month supply 


Grow More Magic Hair Oil 100ml

GrowMore Magic Hair Oil

REVAMP YOUR HAIR STRANDS FROM INSIDE OUT with our new hair growth oil.



Moisturizering, prevent FALLING HAIR , Nourishing, controls Frizz, Toning, prevents SPLIT ENDS, prevents dandruff, promotes the growth of Long AND THICKER hair with shine and lustre, Restore moisture and


Hair GROWTH BOOSTER ,prevents hair breakage, excellent for THIRSTY, DRY,DAMAGED AND DULL HAIR, thickens and conditions and beautifies hair, RAPID HAIR GROWTH

Castor Oil

Wonder Oil For FALLING, BALDING, THINNING, SHEDDING hair OR hair that just won’t grow. Hair strengthening, lengthening, healing, conditioning Hair oil that PREVENTS DANDRUFF used to Thicken Hair

All these are the base of GrowMore with added vitamins and herbs essential for HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH to feed the scalp and STIMULATE THE HAIR FOLLICLES AND THE WHOLE STRAND to thicken and grow GORGEOUS HAIR

This oil is for :

⚫Hair Loss

🔵 Hair Damaged by Color

🔴Hair Damaged by Heat

⚫Hair Loss due to illness

🔵Hair Loss due to stress

🔴Prenatal Hair Loss

⚫Thinning Hair

🔵Falling Hair

🔴Hair that grows very slow

⚫Hair That does not grow at all

🔵Unhealthy, Dull, Brittle, Dehydrated Hair

🔴For Beautifying already healthy hair with Gloss and shine

⚫Unkept hair in need of Lustre and care.

🔵Hair prone to split ends and weak strands.

🔴Repairs Damaged Hair.

⚫Balding hair

🔵Bald patches




Formulated and developed with extra care and with the best ingredients available to provide you with an affordable and excellent product, which is perfectly safe for regular use by both horses and humans and on all hair types.





Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse



Re-apply shampoo. work up foam, leave for 2 mins

Rinse thoroughly. suitable for everyday use 

Ingredients: water, ESB 3, Glycerine, CDE, Glydant, Fragrance, Colour, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride


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