Glutathione Injection Gluta Terminal White+ Serum





  • step 1 – use a lightening soap twice a day
  • step 2 – exfoliate with a lightening scrub every second day
  • step 3 – use the anivat peeling cream for extremely dark areas for about 7 nights
  • step 4 – use this product daily (use in the morning and use peeling cream at night , with this product over it. Peeling cream should only be used for 7 nights or so. Do not use anivat peeling cream all over skin, only on the darker areas)


Brightening glutathione injection serum is a cosmetic formulation with high level Concentration of gluta X injection150 grams.

This product contains other active ingredients, such as allantoin, Vitamin E and UV filters known for their excellent anti-wrinkle effects, cell regeneration and sun protection.

Glutathione Injection Gluta Tertminal Serum helps to give you a uniform and well-toned complexion.

The natural ingredients used in the formulation of this serum makes it perfect for all skin types. Active against hyperpigmentation, dark knuckles, dark Spots and blemishes while brightening the skin. This Gluta Terminal serum is the fastest terminal solution to treat all skin problems with it’s high level concentrate of gluta injection

What’s in the box

1 x Glutathione Injection Gluta Terminal With Extrait Gluta 150g Injection


Apply directly to darker areas


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