Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Foam




The expertly formulated Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Foam’s rich bubbles contains ginkgo extract and active herb extracts which deeply cleanses skin. The foam cleanser is ideal for oily to combination skin.


Ginko Natural Cleansing Foam has rich bubbles contain ginkgo energy complex and herb extracts from Jeju island, completely removing wastes and maintaining moisture for skin.

1. Ginkgo Energy Complex’s Skin Purification The purification effect of Ginkgo energy complex in the foam is further enhanced to remove pollutants from skin thoroughly.

2. Jeju Herb’s Soothing Effect Five herb extracts from Jeju island protect the skin from stress with their excellent soothing effect.

3. Moisturizing Cleansing with Mountain Goat Milk Extracts Nutrient in the foam, including mountain goat milk extract and milk protein, keep moisturized skin after cleansing.


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