Full Speed Surfer Deodorant Body Spray 150ml




Conquer every wave and feel invincible with Full Speed Surfer Body Spray’s fougère and woody blend.

Get to know me:
One spritz of Full Speed Surfer’s fougère and woody blend and you’ll conquer every wave that comes your way. Infused with Viva-Scentz™ mood-enhancing technology, this body spray will have you riding the invigorating wave of fresh ozonic notes as you breathe in the thrilling jolt of peppermint and woods.

Scent type: A fougère and woody blend for a thrilling time.

Key notes:
Top Notes: Aquatic.
Middle Notes: Peppermint.
Bottom Notes: Woods.

Why you’ll love me:
• It will give your senses the ultimate adrenaline rush.
• It’s the perfect ode to masculinity.
• One spritz and you’ll escape to the ocean and head straight for the waves.

How to use me:
• Shake it – Shake it before your spray it to activate the ingredients inside.
• Pick your spot – Spray it on your underarms, chest or clothes, it’s up to you.
• Feel the rush – If you love the thrill this scent gives you, try our other Full Speed perfumes for more of a rush.


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