Full Speed Max Turbo Gift Set




Ride on a high at full speed with the thrilling fougère and woody mix of Full Speed Max Turbo Eau de Toilette.

Get to know me:
This addictive perfume is powered by the coolness of frozen apple, an exclusive Adrenaline Accord that adds a unique load of citrus freshness, and sophisticated luxe leather that leaves a remarkable trail long after you’ve reached full speed.

Scent type: A fougère, woody mix to keep you on a high.

Key notes:
Top Notes: Frozen Apple.
Middle Notes: Adrenaline Accord
Bottom Notes: Luxe Leather.

Why you’ll love me:
• An explosive mix of frozen apple and Adrenaline Accord gives your senses a thrilling boost.
• It’s an addictive scent that will draw others to you at full speed.
• It’s long-lasting, just the way you like it.

How to use me:
• Power up your pulses – Spray the perfume on your wrists and neck. These areas give off extra heat and help your scent to develop faster.
• Don’t shake it – You may like high-octane adventures, but keep your fragrance bottle still to avoid losing its special mix.
• Repeat the rush – If you like the rush of this scent, try our other Full Speed perfumes next.

Gift Set contains:
• 50ml Roll-On Deodorant
• 75ml Eau de Toilette


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