Foot Works Moisture Socks




Seal in your favourite foot care products with these moisturising socks by Foot Works.

Get to know me:
Made with soft, breathable cotton that accelerates the absorption of your foot creams, these socks will help give you results faster. Just massage in your favourite foot care product and pop on this pair. They’ll keep the product in place so it can sink into your feet, lock in moisture and soften them up.

Why you’ll love me:
• Helps your foot creams and treatments absorb quicker.
• Made with soft, breathable cotton.
• Comes in one size.

How to use me:
• Browse our Foot Works collection and find a super-rich cream to use underneath your socks.
• After applying your chosen foot cream, slip on these moisture socks.
• Wear them overnight to really make sure the product has absorbed into your skin. Take them off to reveal smooth, soft feet!


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