Foot Works Intensive Callus & Corn Cream & Silicone Heel Socks




Only 2 weeks to softer, smoother feet*

Callus & Corn Cream:
Meet the treatment that effectively reduces corns and calluses – Foot Works Intensive Callus and Corn Cream. Formulated with AHA acids and Callus Repair Technology that softens and sheds hard corns and calluses and reduces the severity of cracked heels in just 2 weeks*, this pedi-perfecting cream promotes natural skin cell renewal for softer, smoother, nourished feet.

• An effective treatment for corns, calluses and cracked heels.
• You’ll see visible results in just 2 weeks.
• This cream is dermatologist tested and preservative-free.

*Based on a clinical study.

Silicone Heel Socks:
These soft and comfy silicone socks help your skin to absorb your foot treatments quicker and more effectively, boosting its effects. They’re also hygienic, prevent your foot treatments from staining your bedding while you sleep and can be used during the day as well to keep your feet soft, nourished, protected and cared for.

• Helps your favourite foot care treatment to absorb more effectively.
• You can use it day and night.
• One size fits all.


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