Foot Works Heel Rasper




Wave goodbye to cracked heels and hello to soft feet with our Foot Works Heel Rasper.

Get to know me:
Designed with a stainless steel base and easy-to-hold plastic handle, this heel rasper will exfoliate your feet to perfection in an instant. Smoother, softer soles are soon going to be your reality.

Why you’ll love me:
• Sloughs away dry, dead and rough skin with ease.
• Works great at smoothing hard calluses as well.
• It’s the perfect addition to your at-home pedicure kit.

How to use me:
• Immerse your feet in warm water with our Foot Works Restoring Foot Soak to soften any rough bits.
• Use the rasper on dry or wet feet to remove all the dead skin build-up.
• Just a few minutes of buffing is all it takes to reveal softer, smoother soles.


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