Foot Works Active Reviving Foot Soak 100ml




Relieve aching feet, neutralise odour and soften calluses by using Foot Works Active Reviving Foot Soak.

Get to know me:
Whether you’ve just run a marathon, spent hours at the shops or endured a 9-5 in shoes you couldn’t wait to come home and kick off – when your feet cry out for some TLC, treat it to Foot Works Active Reviving Foot Soak. Formulated with Epsom Salts, vitamin E and odour-neutralising technology – this foot soak will help soothe tired feet, soften calluses, smooth your soles, cleanse and deodorise your feet.

Why you’ll love me:
• Helps soothe and relax sore and tired feet.
• Helps condition your feet and soften calluses.
• Helps neutralise unwanted odours from hot and sweaty feet.

How to use me:
• Fill up our Inflatable Foot Bath with warm water, pour in the foot soak, stir it well and immerse your feet for at least 10 minutes.
• Massage your favourite moisturiser into your feet after your soak. We suggest Foot Works Chocolate and Hazelnut Revitalising Cream to really treat yourself and your senses.
• Slip on your Foot Works Moisture Socks and head to bed. You’ll feel so much better in the morning.


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