Foot Works Active Odour Control Spray 100ml




Remove odour and rejuvenate your feet with this refreshing and deodorising foot spray by Foot Works.

Get to know me:
Don’t let unpleasant whiffs get you off on the wrong foot or leave behind a stale impression. Freshen up in a flash with Foot Works Active Odour Control Spray. Formulated with Odour Neutralising Technology, vitamin E and Epsom Salts – this deodorising foot spray is specially formulated to neutralise odour whether it’s emanating from sweaty feet or shoes that haven’t been washed in a while. It also helps to refresh your feet so you always have a cool spring in your step.

Just spritz it on your feet or inside your shoes and let it get to work.

Why you’ll love me:
• Instantly eliminates odour from feet and shoes.
• Spray formula is easy to use.
• It’s quick-drying so you can spritz and go.

How to use me:
• Spritz onto your feet after a long day at work or a sweaty gym session for a refreshing feel. If your feet are really sore, add Foot Works Restoring Foot Soak to warm water and soak off for a while.
• Keep this spray close or pop it into your bag for when unwanted odour sneaks up on you.
• Spray into your shoes as well for when you are in-between washes.


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