Foot Works 3-in-1 Pedicure Tool, Reviving Foot Soak & Odour Control Spray




Control odour & refresh feet.

3-In-1 Multi-Tool:
This at-home foot care kit comes with foot rasper to tackle corns and calluses on your feet; a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin build-up; and a smoothing foot file to buff away any rough bits. It also has a plastic pod with an ergonomic shape that you can use to grip your pedi tools.

• Comes with a foot rasper, pumice stone and smoothing foot file.
• The plastic pod can be used as an ergonomic gripper.
• Perfect for at-home pedicures.

Reviving Foot Soak:
Formulated with Epsom Salts, vitamin E and odour-neutralising technology – this foot soak will help soothe tired feet, soften calluses, smooth your soles, cleanse and deodorise your feet.

• Helps soothe and relax sore and tired feet.
• Helps condition your feet and soften calluses.
• Helps neutralise unwanted odours from hot and sweaty feet.

Odour Control Spray:
Formulated with Odour Neutralising Technology, vitamin E and Epsom Salts – this deodorising foot spray is specially formulated to neutralise odour whether it’s emanating from sweaty feet or shoes that haven’t been washed in a while. It also helps to refresh your feet so you always have a cool spring in your step.

• Instantly eliminates odour from feet and shoes.
• Spray formula is easy to use.
• It’s quick-drying so you can spritz and go.


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