Foot Works 3-In-1 Multi-Tool




Skip the trip to the spa. Our Foot Works 3-In-1 Pedicure Kit has everything you need to smooth your soles and soothe your soul.

Get to know me:
This at-home foot care kit comes with foot rasper to tackle corns and calluses on your feet; a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin build-up; and a smoothing foot file to buff away any rough bits. It also has a plastic pod with an ergonomic shape that you can use to grip your pedi tools… talk about putting functionality first! We know… we thought about everything!

Why you’ll love me:
• Comes with a foot rasper, pumice stone and smoothing foot file.
• The plastic pod can be used as an ergonomic gripper.
• Perfect for at-home pedicures… Mini spa sessions are a need!

How to use me:
• Immerse your feet in warm water with Foot Works Restoring Foot Soak for 10 minutes to help soften your skin.
• Gently rub the foot rasper over corns and calluses and then wet the pumice stone and gently rub it on the hard parts of your feet to exfoliate. Rinse, towel-dry and then rub the foot file all over your feet to buff and polish.
• Gently push back your cuticles and trim the excess skin with our Rose Gold Cuticle Nipper. • Cut your nails straight across with a toenail clipper and smooth the edges with a nail file. Slip on toe separators and paint your nails with your favourite Avon nail polish


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