Foot Works 3-in-1 Lavender Oil 50ml




Pamper your feet three different ways with this lovely lavender-infused multi-use oil by Foot Works.

Get to know me:
Make time to pamper yourself after a long day with our Foot Works 3-In-1 Oil with Lavender. This oil can be used three different ways: as a foot soak to relieve aching joints, as a leave-on oil for an infusion of moisture or as an intensive wash-off treatment to soften feet. Add it to your favourite foot care routine and let the at-home pedicure begin!

Why you’ll love me:
• Contains lavender essential oil to relax your feet.
• 3-in-1 formula because we know you love a good multitasker.
• It’s an essential if you plan on doing an at-home pedicure.

How to use me:
• Add a few drops of this aromatic oil to warm water to soothe your joints.
• Rub the oil into your feet and let it sink in for a hit of moisture.
• Use this oil as an intense conditioning treatment. Wash off after 10 minutes and then spritz on Foot Works Deodorising Foot and Shoe Spray with Lavender as a finishing touch.


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