Food Maker For Baby Plus Quick Wash Bib


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  • Simple and Easy Carrying
  • Just Wash the bib simply With Flowing Water,shake the water off and the drying is Completed
  • Material : Waterproof Plastic
  • Size :- 34(L)x27.5(W)cm
  • That Bib is Sanitary and Healthy, Because Eco-Friendly Waterproof Plastic Has Been Used.

7pcs tools in one set, very convenient to make foods for parents, and meet baby’s various nutritional needs. Mothers can adjust food according to their baby’s taste.

You can make a vegetable puree, fruit puree, fish puree, chicken puree, etc. without destroying the nutrition of the food itself, and let the baby eat different food, at the same time paste food is easier for the baby to absorb, cleaning is especially convenient.

It can be used to grind the fruit and steam vegetables. It can help regulate the baby’s food so that the baby can ingest the various nutrients needed for the growth process.


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