Far Away Splendoria Thermoform Sample 0.5ml




Indulge in the liquid gold of Middle Eastern perfumery – the floriental woody scent of Far Away Splendoria Eau de Parfum.

Get to know me:
Journey to the mecca of perfumery, the Middle East (even if it’s just through a perfume), with the rich, luxurious, floriental woody scent of Far Away Splendoria Eau de Parfum.

Infused with an ingredient as precious to perfumery as gold: an exclusive, luminous White Oud Accord*, heightened by notes of fruity black splendor plum, Arabian flowers, opulent golden amber and creamy vanilla – this multidimensional floral perfume with woody and vanilla undertones will let you ooze sensual femininity whilst enticing your senses.

Scent type: A floriental woody scent that’s pure luxury in a bottle.

Key notes:
Top notes: Orange Sweet Oil, Dark Splendour Plum, Dates.
Middle notes: White Oud Accord, Middle East Bouquet, Davana Oil LMR.
Bottom notes: Vanilla, Golden Amber, Tonka Bean Abs LMR.

Why you’ll love me:
• This perfume takes glamorous charm and splendour to another level.
• It was created by world-renowned perfumers Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, Nicolas Beaulieu and Julien Rasquinet.
• One spritz and you’ll be transported straight to the mecca of perfumery, the Middle East.

*Unique ingredients blended to create a one-of-a-kind scent, exclusive to Avon

How to use me:
• After showering and getting dressed, spray the perfume on your neck and wrists.
• Don’t rub the perfume in. Just dab it, leave it alone and let your body heat diffuse the scent.
• Use the matching products from the Far Away Splendoria range to make your scent last even longer.


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